Want to write for exlibris20.it?
Here’s how to do it.

exlibris, first, and exlibris20, then, has always been a place where the protagonists are readers who are willing to share their own readings and their reflections on the world of books. So, we reopen our space to readers, inviting them to propose articles for this section.

Could you recommend me a book?

Every Monday, we publish a review of a book read by a reader. The book is chosen by the reader and can be a novel, an essay, a graphic novel, a collection of poems, a book for kids, a book in the original language; a book just released or a classic. All in all, it could be anything. The important thing is that it is a book, a story, a piece of writing you would like to advise a friend.


This is a column that wants to deepen into the topics of the literary world, with a monthly cadence.

The line of this column is given directly by the editorial team by either choosing the authors we think are best suited to write about that topic or by launching the “expert” request directly on the Facebook page.


There will not be a fixed day to offer reviews for this section. Strabook! wants to tell about cult books or writers that no one remembers anymore today (or almost). So, if the book or author you want to review fits within this category, Strabook! is the place to go for it.


exlibris20 is reborn, especially, because of this section: we want to talk about how to educate readers and how to promote reading through stories of success and interviews to those who can have ideas about it.

You may propose ideas for articles with these features. There are no deadlines.

Worldwide posts

Books, besides not having a reading time, do not even have a single place of belonging.

Therefore, exlibris20 wants to become international, but in a smooth way. There is no a translated section into English or another language, but an address book – this- where you may publish articles in your own language. Articles may be reviews already published in Italian and translated into other languages ​​or even articles written directly in another language. So, if you do not speak and write in Italian and you are reading these instructions, be aware that we also welcome proposals in English, French, German and Spanish. At the moment.

Steps to propose your own articles

  1. Check using the search tool 🔍 if the book has already been reviewed (be precise when typing).
  2. Send an email to redazione@exlibris20.it with the section concerned in the subject; indicate in the mail the book or the topic of the article you want to propose and why (in a few lines); who are you and how did you know about exlibris20.it.
  3. Wait for the answer and, then, once the request is accepted, write a text of at least 400 words and maximum.
  4. Submit the review in Word format, with the references of the book (if it’s a translation, always remember the name of the translator), a photo taken by you (horizontally, if possible) where the book and your social addresses can be seen); also, if there are any hypertext references inside, they should be indicated.
  5. Once the article is published, we will ask you to share it on your social channels and become a spokesperson for the project exlibris20.it